Thursday, January 8, 2009

RMS Titanic was compliant!

This was posted to an interesting blog that I follow and thought that it may interest you all.

From the post:

the problem here was that the Titanic indeed did meet all of the safety requirements of the time. And that a big part of the problem was that the safety requirements were drafted in 1894 at a time when there were rapid changes and in the size and design of ships of this kind. Those regulations indicated that all passenger ships over 10,000 tons required 16 life boats, and that’s how many the Titanic had.

The Titanic incorporated many innovative design features but only included the minimum number of lifeboats to satisfy compliance.

Also from this post:

So, the bottom-line was that when the Titanic was reviewed by the safety accountants, they took out their check-list and went over the ship with a fine tooth comb. When the day was done the ship fully met all the safety criteria and was certified as safe.

As technology leaders in our industry, we need to be aware of the consequences for only doing the minimum amount in order to satisfy our compliance concerns since we, too, are one iceberg away from a very bad day.

Just some food for thought, ...